Thursday, December 1, 2016

Founding Fathers

Today I'm taking about the founding fathers. One in particular stands out to me. Ben Franklin is know to us mostly as a founder and the balding man on the 100 dollar bill. The are a couple more things you might want to know about Mr. Franklin.

He was the last of the founding fathers to come out in favor of separation from Britain. He himself said that the Boston Tea Party was an act of violent injustice.  It wasn't until later that he announced that he was for American Independence. After he announced that he still had a number of people doubting his loyalty to America because he had an illegitimate son who was of British loyalty.

So, let's say, hypotheticaly, that he didn't proclaim loyalty to America. Would the other founding fathers have seceded? Most likely they would have found someone else, but what if Ben had started an influential group of British loyalist? If one thing in history was different then everything could have been different.  Think about it.

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