Monday, September 12, 2016

Freedom In The USA

The United States is normally credited for being a free country. People talk about the US like it's the messiah of all free countries, but that's not the truth. Not only have we recently fallen to number 20 on the list of the freest locations, but our crime rate is rising. Most crimes in the US in the past 6 months are motivated by the belief that some people should have fewer rights than others, being racist, sexist, etc. 

Hong Kong is currently ranked number one as the freest place in the world with a freedom index of 9.04. The US appears at number 20 with an index of 8.26, and that number is going down week by week. You may be thinking to yourself that the numbers I just told you are too close together to make a huge difference. This is very true. Out of all 152 locations ranked on the national freedom index we are "on top." 

By no means are we one of the repressed countries. We aren't even in the "moderately free" category. We are a completely free country according to the list, but I would like you to recognize that we are not the country we used to be. We are no longer living in THE free country. We are living in A free country. 


  1. Interesting way of looking at it although pretty pessimistic as America is a very desired country due to the freedoms and environment we offer.

    1. Absolutely right. What I'm saying is they're not the only one to be desired.

  2. Our country is still completely free, but it has lost its value of equality. You are correct, but there is not anything that you cannot do in this country. We might just have a lower freedom rate than Hong Kong because our security and protection is much more efficient and helps keep us safe. Why do you believe that we are falling quickly in the category freedom?

  3. I like the way you ended the post by saying, "We are no longer living in THE free country. We are living in A free country." I agree that we have lost some of the freedoms our country and its citizens enjoyed before. What do you think is the solution to this isuue?